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  • How does Canada Credit Fix's monitoring work?

    A credit expert will be assigned to watch over your credit report and data. Our highly trained credit specialists have all extensive knowledge and are able to interpret the credit coding and on both your Equifax and Transunion credit reports. We are able to notice compliance violations, intrusions, unlawful inquiries, inconsistent data and corrupt errors that are all signs of Identity theft.
  • What is the difference between Canada Credit Fix's Monitoring and other credit monitoring companies?

    Credit monitoring is commonly offered by companies that use computer notifications to notify you of changes on your credit report. Often you will receive a monthly report and you are then left to interpret the nature and validity of the changes yourself. In many cases it becomes your job and responsibility to investigate, analyze and prevent a malicious attack. In the event of a credit or privacy breach you are often left on your own to deal with the credit restoration of an identity theft attack. Canada Credit Fix's credit monitoring allows our professionals the ability to analyse your credit virtually any time of day and 7 days a week. You will always have a live credit specialist to discuss and confirm any changes or malicious attacks or changes to your credit report. We DON'T use call centers located in different countries and all of our staff are right here in Canada helping protect your credit with you.
  • What happens if I become a victim of Identity theft or credit fraud?

    A. If you become a victim of identity theft or credit fraud while on our credit protection program; you can rest assure that we will be able to control and reduce the damage by immediately locking down the process. Members of our credit protection program will automatically qualify for 100% free credit restoration. You will NEVER receive a bill regardless of how extensive of a credit restoration you require.
  • What if I am already a victim of identity theft or credit fraud?

    A. If you are a consumer and have fallen victim to Identity theft or credit fraud please contact us immediately to discuss a strategy. These criminals work very fast and every hour counts. We will work with your insurance company and assist with the Police investigations as a practice of public service. Often you may have insurance that will cover your costs of restoration. In the event that you do not have coverage; we are almost always able to assist with any financial shortfalls. DO NOT ignore the problem; as it will simply NOT fix itself.
  • I am a victim of a privacy breach. The HRSDC lost my personal credit information, should I be worried?

    The HRSDC- Human Resources and Skills Development of Canada has kindly offered to buy you copies of your Equifax credit report. Despite the HRSDC losing your personal private credit information the Federal Government has refused our offer to spend $3.65 to guarantee the safety and protection of your credit. Their decision made by the HRSDC is both reckless and grossly irresponsible. On that note Canada Credit Fix has agreed to handle any cases of Identity theft on a volunteer basis in the interim. Canada Credit Fix will assist your lawyers with filing claims against the federal government in order to arrange compensation and further coverage. You are now considered very HIGH RISK and need to protect your credit. Please contact us immediately so we can run analytics on your credit report. Prevention is the best cure for credit fraud and identity theft.
  • My personal credit information was a stolen computer at the University of Guelph; do I still qualify for your program?

    The University of Guelph has stated that they are NOT interested in receiving a credit guarantee to protect your credit. They are however willing to pay for your Equifax credit report which you would normally be able to get for FREE. Despite the University of Guelph leaving students private credit information unencrypted or secured on stolen computers somehow they may feel that they may have already done enough to compensate you. Please understand that you are now considered very HIGH RISK for identity theft and credit fraud. Please contact us immediately so that we can assess your risk and insure your credit is safe. We will be more than glad to assist you as much as we can without any fees or charges.
  • I am a victim of credit fraud and identity theft; should I flag my Equifax and Transunion credit report?

    Canada Credit Fix and Identity Lock do NOT recommend FLAGGING your credit. Many lenders and creditors will avoid lending money to high risk consumers; simply out of fear. Creditors will rarely tell you that you are being declined as a result of the fraud warning on your credit report, however you may just simply not get the loan, financing or mortgage you were looking for. Let's face it..... who wants to put their job on the line lending money to the wrong person? Red flags simply make bankers very nervous! Have us run monthly analytics on your credit report and gain the comfort of knowing a true credit expert is watching your credit bureau.
  • What happens when you flag your credit bureau?

    Equifax and Transunion will allow a consumer to post a fraud warning on their credit reports. Essentially your credit report will have a written warning and basic information that tells lenders and creditors to insure they are dealing with the right consumer. These days banks and credit companies are already looking for reasons to shy away from lending money. Canada Credit Fix's credit monitoring is what we recommend and flagging ONLY if you know for sure your credit is being maliciously attacked.
  • Do you guarantee your credit monitoring?

    Our Live Credit Monitoring Process is top secret and our ability to read code and run credit analytics. We are so sure we can protect your credit report that we offer complete credit restoration of your credit bureau 100% free of charge; should you fall victim to Identity theft while on our watch. Being a member of our Credit Lock Live Monitoring is both affordable and guaranteed. If you would not run a computer without a virus protector on it; then why would you not protect your most valuable credit? Sign up today!