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Identity Theft Protection.

Identity Lock is a division of Canada Credit Fix; one of Canada's top Credit Repair Agencies.  Canada Credit Fix has over 27 years of experience in credit restoration and hires ex-employees of Equifax and other credit reporting agencies to work in their credit lab.  Only credit experts, debt specialists and ex collection agents will work on your credit monitoring or credit restoration.  You can be assured you are always dealing with a true credit expert as opposed to a call center half way across the world. 

We are people helping people and will give you the answers and assurance that you need when it comes to protection your credit bureau.  Your credit report is one of you most valuable assets and the data is precious.  The best way to protect you from identity theft is to prevent it from happening.  Our credit report specialists will review your credit as many times as you require 7 days a week. 

Have you become a victim of Identity theft already?  Leave the credit restoration to us!  We are one of Canada's most recommended Credit Restoration experts.  Whether we are handling a forensic credit investigation for the Police or a comprehensive credit restoration for a major Canadian Insurance company, you can be sure we are on the job regardless of how big or small the problem is. 

Canada Credit fix/Identity Lock is a proud partner member of the Credit Institute of Canada and the President Sheldon Wolf sits on the Board of Directors.  Canada Credit Fix and their experts are frequently featured on many Canadian news media's inclusive of Global News and Omni.  Identity Lock and Canada Credit Fix has typically only accepted client referrals from Banks, insurance companies and Government Agencies, however we are now open to service the public directly and are offering our credit protection and credit restoration services to Canadian Identity theft and Credit fraud victims.

If you have become a victim of a credit information or privacy breach please contact us immediatly.  If you have been recently notified by the HRSDC-Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, University of Guelph or Ford Motors Canada in regards to credit information and/or a privacy breach of your personal inforamtion; please contact us immediatly and register for our fraud prevention and identity theft monitoring program.  We have designed an exclusive credit protection program specifically to secure your credit in the event of a maliscious credit intrusion.  1-866-530-3646


The goal of our credit restoration professionals, is to help clean up your credit report, optimize your score, and leave you with truly usable credit. You will want to start as soon as possible! as this process can be time consuming and methodical. Even if you were approved today for new credit cards and loans it still takes time for them to show up and affect your score on your credit report. Most banks and lenders want to see a reasonable payment history on your new credit. So Start today!