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Credit Secure Live Monitoring.

When it comes to identity theft, individuals are often limited to taking reactive measures (ie. responding to a collection call). In many cases, those measures are themselves only undertaken far after the fact. Most individuals also lack the knowledge, resources, experience and time to deal with the matter themselves.   Imagine searching through your credit bureau profile report every day searching for changes to your information.

With iCredit Secure Live Monitoring, we monitor your profile all changes reported to the Credit Bureau including these 14 key elements: 

  • New Address
  • New Inquiry
  • New Trade Line
  • New Registered Item
  • New Collection
  • Trade Rating Deteriorating
  • New Fraud Victim Alert
  • New Employment
  • New Phone Number
  • New Legal                     
  • New Bankruptcy                               
  • New Name
  • Trade Rating Improving
  • Change of Credit Limit in a Revolving Trade

As soon as any changes occur on your credit report, we notify you.



The goal of our credit restoration professionals, is to help clean up your credit report, optimize your score, and leave you with truly usable credit. You will want to start as soon as possible! as this process can be time consuming and methodical. Even if you were approved today for new credit cards and loans it still takes time for them to show up and affect your score on your credit report. Most banks and lenders want to see a reasonable payment history on your new credit. So Start today!